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  • 08.09


     Professor Greta


    'Tu as donné une vie à cette fille'

    Helping people is a common thread throughout the life of Professor Dereymaeker. Initially, she wanted to become a pediatrician, "but during an orthopedics internship I turned out to have a surgical gift, Fingerspitzengefühl, so to speak." In addition to her activities at KU Leuven, Greta Dereymaeker has operated on dozens of missions in Africa and Asia around the 1,500 young patients with club feet. Babies with their mothers are often rejected or tucked away by their families. Children with club feet are bewitched, they don't go to school. During one of my first missions, I was asked on the penultimate day if I wanted to operate an extra child: a beautiful 14-year-old girl with two feet who was completely at odds. It was a very difficult procedure, but at the end the anesthetist said: "'You gave a life to this girl'". That's it completely. Most children go to study after their intervention, others are taken back into their families. "You just have to be born in such a country with club feet. As long as I can I will go to those countries to operate club feet and to train doctors on site."

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  • 20.02


     Gluteal Fibrosis


    Needle Myopathy

    Gluteal Fibrosis (increase in connective tissue and fat tissue in the gluteal muscle) is a known complication of injections into muscle tissue. Sometimes an incorrect injection site or an inflammatory response to the injected muscle may be the cause of this problem. Tissue fibrosis is especially observed in children through vaccinations and injections. With this condition, the most striking point is that research shows that non-stretchable muscle changes occur. Non-surgical treatment with physical therapy can be tried, but it usually fails. Surgery is quickly considered. Surgical excision of the nodules can lead to a complete clinical recovery of the patient. Different surgical techniques are possible with positive results. Postoperative rehabilitation in particular plays a key role in achieving better results, which must however, be started gradually. It is recommended that the gluteal area is not used as an intramuscular injection site in children. (Needle myopathy means disorders of muscle functions by needles)

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  • 28.12


     Interplast UK


    Plastic surgeon dr.Charles Viva

    Charles Viva, a retired plastic surgeon since 1999 and from north east England, founded Interplast UK in 1987. Since then, he has visited many poor countries with a team of medical volunteers from home and overseas to help hundreds of patients in need of plastic surgery. His speciality is cleft lips and palates, burn contractures and skin grafting. As well as performing operations, many of which can take hours, the team finds the time to train the local doctors and nurses to continue their work. Mr Viva says: “If I can train only one doctor each trip, it means that many more patients will be treated.” For Mr Viva, the most rewarding thing for him is to know that he is rebuilding devastated lives and giving new hope to young people.
    Mr Viva says: “It makes my life worth living!”

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  • 16.12


     Kumi - Uganda


    Sending of the loves ones
    the Ugandan way

    Barbara, a girl from Kumi (19 years old) has died. She had malaria, high blood pressure and she was diabetic. Friends from England have supported her, but this hope from the West has not turned out to be a cure. The funeral committee of the village takes over the organization of the family. They collect money, rent chairs and plates and take care of the catering. Every inhabitant of the village is expected to be a member of the community. From each grieving one is expected to first look at the body. No family member will dig the grave because it is the duty of the people within the community. Traditionally, every deceased person must be wrapped in a cloth and serenely covered in a pure white sheet. A good African funeral must contain a lot of wailing. Clan members and friends grieving to whine. Hard wailing is a sign of the love that many people had for the deceased, hence the need to let friends mourners moan beside the family members.

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  • 04.10


     AMAR - Rio de Janeiro

    Rio 18

    Een herenhuis gelegen in Rua Duque de Caxias

    Een van de vier residenties die behoren tot de Amar Beneficente Association. Het is het adres van de organisatie, waar een groep leeft van 20 kinderen en adolescenten uit verschillende situaties van sociale kwetsbaarheid zoals het verlaten van het gezin en mishandeling. Ter plaatse werkte Casa Frei Carmelo Cox, een bekroond project dat zich richt op de zorg voor straatkinderen of slachtoffers van geweld en nalatigheid van hun eigen verzorgers. Vanuit de poort kun je het lawaai horen van jonge mensen. Aan het einde van de ochtend, komt een deel van hen terug van school. Anderen bereiden zich voor om naar de klas te gaan. En ze komen allemaal samen in de eetzaal om 's middags te lunchen. Ze gaan daarheen nadat de rechterlijke macht besloten heeft dat ze kwetsbaar zijn. De bewoners van het huis zijn 7 tot 16 jaar oud en leren de familiesfeer te behouden. De groep is verdeeld in drie collectieve kamers, gescheiden op basis van leeftijd. De accommodaties zijn netjes. Onberispelijk! Geen kleren op de grond. Geen stapelbed met een rommelige opmaak.

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  • 10.09


     Se Essa Rua fosse minha


    Circus Benjamim de Oliveira

    Masaro, resident of the Venda Velha district, has been involved in the project since its foundation. "For me it was an unforgettable experience, I like to do everything about the circus and pass on what I've learned," said Matheus Masaro. The twentyone-year-old is learning the weaving technique of two long pieces of cotton fabric. The form that circus artists presented and received was what attracted the attention of Masaro, "I tried other professions, but I met in the circus, it's a new world of possibilities, without racism or prejudice." When I stepped out in, the techniques that the artists did seemed impossible and today I make a few and I want learn more and that motivates me, I never thought my art would leave the country, it is a unique and exciting experience".
    In June of this year, the project was one of the six social circuses that were selected to perform during the second edition of the Circomondo International Circus Social Festival in Italy. With a capacity of 300 visitors, the Circus School offers free lessons for children and young people of Baixada Fluminense.

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  • 02.06


     Armenian Community Maastricht



    Eucharistieviering verzorgd door de Armeense Gemeenschap Maastricht in de Sint Servaas Basiliek

    Eens in de zeven jaar vindt in Maastricht de Heiligdomsvaart plaats. Dit is een bedevaart naar het graf van Sint Servaas. Servatius, geboren in Armenie, leefde in de vierde eeuw en was volgens de overlevering de eerste bisschop van Maastricht en daarmee de eerste bisschop in het huidige Nederland.Het staat vast dat het christendom al vroeg geworteld was in Tongeren en Maastricht. In het jaar 342/343 was bisschop Sarbatios aanwezig op het Concilie van Sardica. In 359/360 was Servatio Tungrorum episcopus (bisschop Servatius van de Tungri/Tongeren). Bisschop Servaas was buiten het Romeinse castellum begraven, op de grote begraafplaats langs de Romeinse heerweg naar Tongeren. Onder bisschop Monulphus kwam in de zesde eeuw de eerste verering voor Sint Servaas op gang en werd hij herbegraven en boven zijn graf een kerk gebouwd, een voorloper van de huidige Sint Servaasbasiliek die uit de 11e eeuw stamt.

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